Friday, November 14, 2008

Bornel: the city pays tribute to Amélie Mauresmo and father

Amélie Mauresmo learned to play tennis in Bornel at the age of 6 years. Saturday she will inaugurate the new gym.

The municipality of Bornel urges the public to a morning "open door", this Saturday, 15 November 2008, starting at 10 am at the gym "Francis and Amélie Mauresmo" next to the college-Francoise Sagan. The champion Amélie Mauresmo will be present on this occasion to discover this room named in honor of her career and her father Francis, who died on 12 March 2004 at the age of 56, who was town councilor from 1995 to 2001. This visit will allow everyone to assess the quality of the premises made available to college sports associations and Bornel and will be followed by a pot of friendship offered by the city.

Amélie passion began at 4 years

Amélie was only four years old when she followed on television with her parents in the final of Roland Garros in 1983 between Yannick Noah and Mats Wilander. The petition was so packed that her parents bought her a racket. A 6 years they have placed on the school tennis Bornel. "I remember my first teacher of tennis. Her name Inger Delamare. She has the first detect the potential that I learned. Then there was Philippe Leroy that I met before Bornel find TC Méru. It was the educator in all its splendor. And then it was humanly adorable "Amelie remembers.

At Tennis Club Méru, driven by Jean-Pierre Deseilles and Patrick Simon, Amélie progressing rapidly. "She arrived in 1988 and it was only 9 years old, but I remember she had an incredible time of flap and something more than other players his age. In 1990, she earned the title of youngest champion France "remembers for its part Oguez Gerard, 77, former chairman of TC Méru.

At the age of 11 years, the French Federation of Tennis comment and it proposes to integrate the Tennis / Etudes de Blois. Amélie is in ecstasy, and her parents can only be resigned to see her leave. "Already, tennis was a passion. But after three years I really realized that I wanted to become a professional tennis player "continues Amélie.

A 14-year Amélie integrates INSEP de Vincennes. There she met Gail Lovera, the former French No. 1 original Australian transmitting her enthusiasm, and teaches her the reverse lift. In 1994, Amélie 15 years and is at the National Training Center at Roland Garros. She is happy. It includes Patrick Simon, coach beginning.

From 1995 to 1996, Amélie dispute small professional tournaments with 10 000 dollars. In 1995, TFF offers him an invitation in the list of "qualified" Roland-Garros. Amélie is classified as rank around 750th on the WTA, but she beats three players ranked 120th in the world, and earns her place in the big picture. "My first round vs Italian Natalia Baudon, I always remember. I went on court with no complex, and I led 6-3 3-1 but I lost. Despite the defeat I was so happy I realize that I had the potential to worry about players at this level! "Said Amélie.

Twice champion France in TC Méru

In 1996, Amélie continues her momentum, she discovers including Australia, a continent appreciates it immediately. She does not doubt she will live a few years later, great moments. At the end of the year, Amelie was junior world champion.

Meanwhile, the TC Meru, where she is still part of the women's team, two later, she won the title of champion France in 1998 and 1999. "These two years, they have beaten in the final team Racing Club of France. The results of Amélie me also won best to be named leader of France in 1998. Then the new team leaders giant Méru TC did not wish to continue the adventure with Amelie and I regret that. In any case, I would have lived my best tennis moments with her, "said Gerard Oguez who was chairman of the departmental committee of the Oise tennis for 16 years and vice president of the Liga de Picardie.

Today, after 24 WTA titles, the last in Antwerp in 2007, Amélie still occupies the 24th place worldwide and is the 3rd French player. But the adventure is not over ...

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