Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lecoq: "Proud to coach Amélie"

Hugo Lecoq answered to the dailypaper "le Parisien" on his wednesday edition. The new Amélie Mauresmo coach wants to help Amelie to taste the success again.

"The dream is not to work with Amélie but make her succeed. She told me about her ambitions,how she sees the end of her career[...] we'll choise the tournaments, the idea is to win titles,the aim is to win a slam again explains Hugo(31 years)Lecoq in le Parisien. Loic Courteau used to give her much calm and serenity. Amélie expect from me something a little bit different. At her age we cant revolutionate her tennis. I want to act on technical elements, essential to her success, her serve for instance".

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